Peter Balestrieri, with his friendly, reassuring presence, guided me through a powerful healing experience. His authentic ability to heal and relate comes through in his comfort in working with the body, its movement and emotions. Being held by the water as the session unfolded was a unique experience - as though my body was learning to heal in a new way.
— Reid Bruggermann, Yoga Teacher/Massage Therapist
Taking the time from my busy schedule for a Watsu session with Peter is one of the best treatments available. When I’m sinking into the warm water and Peter’s knowledgeable hands, I’m diving into another world; my body can relax completely. I can let go of holding patterns I wasn’t even aware of and effortlessly I take a fresh perspective on my life. Leaving the pool I feel completely rejuvenated, in touch with a new sense of direction, and ready to meet my daily challenges in a more relaxed and creative way.
— Peter Oppermann CEO, Shoji Living
Receiving a Watsu from Peter is like becoming the reflection of the sun in the water. His kindness, gentleness and warmth allow for the water to heal and soothe any tension or worries, to allow to find the natural rhythm of my breath again. After just one session, the fluidity of my core began to live its own vital life again and I felt so much more ease in everything I did in my daily life. The effects are even more powerful than a massage, because now even when I shower or drink water, I remember how my body felt in that beautiful, sacred pool and the inner changes happen with the flow of love. Thank you so much.
— Vanessa Chammah, Singer/Song Writer
As I approached the pool all I could smell was the rich scent of the wood. Everything that surrounded me was full of positive energy. You are also surrounded by the beauty of nature outside that peers through the windows and skylights. Absolutely breathtaking! Peter softly and gently lifted my body to float at the surface laying me on my back with my head resting on his hand. My ears filled with water and all I could hear was my breathing. As my eyes were closed all I saw was the brightness from the sun. Moving me from left to right, up and down, in a bunch of different directions, it was nothing like I had ever felt before. As my ears filled up with water, it felt like being in a womb. It was as if I was watching myself though a bubble or I guess what you would call a womb. I was on the inside watching a tour of my life experiences.

There were certain motions that Peter moved me through that were very powerful to me. He would wrap my arm around his back and put me in a fetal position. At that moment in that position, everything would turn red and I started to cry. I could hear Peter’s heartbeat against mine and it felt like I was a child wrapped in a blanket. The touch of a warm human body next to mine was so comforting. The tears were of joy and the red represented happiness. There was a time when he would lift me out of the water, kick my legs up, and it would make a splashing sound. At the same time I would catch a bright ray of sun from the skylights and at that moment it brought me back to my hot summer days as a child splashing and playing in the sprinkler on my front lawn. I could see my home that I grew up in. What a great feeling. I stayed present, and took deep breaths, and was in a state of bliss. From time to time I felt I was releasing all my emotions and they were being washed away by the movement of my body through the water. At one point Peter started rotating my slightly injured shoulder and I felt no pain whatsoever. I was absolutely amazed. This is something that I would recommend to anyone, old or young, athletic or not, and in any shape or form. I hope that you have your own experience and embrace it as if it were your last. Be present. Thank you, Peter, for making this an everlasting experience.
— Tracy Cameron Yogi/Kite Surfer